Web Version

There is a web version of nunuStudio available, it was tested with Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, it is not compatible with mobile browsers.

The web version of nunuStudio its always updated and has all the features present in the desktop version, but there are some limitations regarding file access in the web environment.

This version is always updated with every experimental feature, if you find anything wrong please report in the issue page on GitHub.

Web Version


Compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10.



Tested with ubuntu based distributions, compatible with x86 based machines.



MacOS version not available, looking for developers/testers.

Not Available

Still under development

nunuStudio is still under development, all suggestions are welcome, use the Github issues page to leave your suggestions.

The sourcecode is available on Github. Everybody is welcome to help and contribute to the project.

Bug reports and features request can be done in the Issues section on GitHub.

Old Releases

Old versions of nunuStudio can be found in the releases page in Github alongside with their source code.

Please avoid using these unless strictly required for some special reason.

Old releases